Sing-a-long dance parties - where the crowd is the choir!

We’ll broadcast YOU on the video monitor!

We play songs that everyone can sing and dance to.


Sing-a-long Siesta:

  • Set up in a common area at midday for an hour or two for students to get some great exercise by singing and dancing.
  • Your students will be both entertained and the entertainers!  One song will be designated as the peace sing-a-long for all to focus their thoughts and generate their best positive energy to put out into the world.
  • $250/hour

Sing-a-long Dance Party:

  • Club dance music is played for an exciting pulse to the evening
  • Once an hour we’ll turn the lights on the crowd and play a couple songs for singing along to. 
  • Light show and fog comes with this show. 
  • Two sizes are available.
  1. Coffee House size: One large video monitor broadcasting the crowd live, two-tree light show with fog.  $375/hour (3 hour minimum)
  2. Gymnasium size: Two large video monitors broadcasting the crowd live, four-tree light show with fog.   $600/hour (3 hour minimum)

 Requests gladly taken in advance of the dance party

Peace Choir On Gaia