Peace Choir On Gaia

"I have learned never to underestimate the healing power we all have.  it is always there to be used for the highest good.  We just have to remember to use it."
Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Long-Term Goal

The Peace COG's long-term goal is to have 87,000 people singing for peace at noon in each of the 24 time zones daily.  The goal is 87,000 people because 87,000 squared is 7,569,000,000, a little over the current population of the planet, and when any group of people focus on a shared goal or desired outcome, the energy of the group becomes squared and, theoretically, the collective power becomes available to each person for their own purpose or intent. 

By generating peace and healing energy equivalent to the global population, every person can resonate with the positive, coherent energy emerging from the Peace COG that ripples across the world vibe web.  In other words, the synergy created by the group will be powerful enough to resonate every single person alive on the planet.  

Mid-Term Goal

The Peace COG's mid-term goal is to have 8,700 people singing for peace at noon in each of the 24 time zones daily because 8,700 is approximately 1% of the square root of the current population and, according to the Maharishi effect, this is the level needed to initiate a change of consciousness of the population.

Short-Term Goal

The Peace COG's short-term goal is to travel to locations in Maine to get crowds singing together for hour-long sessions.  We sing songs from contemporary artists, and feature one song, typically Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon, as the keynote peace song.

As we grow, we'll begin linking multiple sites together to increase the number of participants singing at one time, until we have enough people joining in that we can shift up to the mid-term goal.

When will we know we're having a global effect?

We'll register consistent spikes of coherence on the 
Global Consciousness Project continuum when we're singing together.

"It could be that a small number of people in higher states of consciousness would have a disproportionately positive effect on the rest of society."
Peter Russell
The Global Brain Awakens